Destination Weddings – Part 1

Destination Weddings – Part 1

Destination Weddings – Part 1

March 7, 2016 Blog

So you’ve been hearing a lot of chatter of how amazing destination weddings are, and suddenly you wonder, if tying the knot on a white sand beach, next to blue azure waters, in the middle of the Caribbean would make the perfect wedding!???

When planning the biggest day of your life, choosing a traditional (local) wedding vs. a destination wedding can be a tough decision. There are a lot of factors to consider, let Abby Wedding’s guide start you in the right direction!

Local Wedding:

Most couples decide to get married in their hometown or the area in which most of their friends or family reside. There’s a few perks to a local wedding

  • Highest chance of having your guests attend the Wedding (especially elderly or disabled)
  • Generally easier to plan
  • Easier to choose vendors whom you can meet in person
  • Better selection of vendors (especially venues)
  • Cancellation/changes resulting in rescheduling are easier to plan

Destination Weddings:

But the turquoise blue water is so pretty…

  • Kill two birds with one stone and as a couple stay a few days longer and have your honeymoon right after the wedding
  • Not saying that Canada isn’t beautiful, but the raw pristine beauty of a Caribbean or Hawaiian wedding is unforgettable
  • Opens up more months of the wedding season as you can get married in the Winter (who wants to get married in Canada in December? Burrr)
  • Better chances of good weather (and hey if it Rains, at least it’ll be warm!)
  • Generally more intimate selection of guests (close family and friends)

You’re probably wondering about the biggest factor of all, cost! The truth is, it all depends on how you plan your wedding. Number of guests is usually going to be the biggest driver in costs if you’re planning a local wedding, especially with reception parties. Choice of venue will be the significant cost variable in destination weddings; that 3 star vs 5 star plus makes a big difference!

I’ve seen a lot of people plan both traditional and destination weddings; the most important thing to remember is to do what you and your spouse really desire. You can make either work on any budget. Choose where you truly want do have your wedding, and plan from there. There’s going to be certain parts of the process that are going to be either more expensive or cheaper depending where you are. Just make sure to do your research, plan ahead, and go with an experienced wedding planner if you so choose to!

Here are some tools to help get you started:

Martha Stewart Weddings- Destination Weddings (Martha Stewart knows her weddings, trust us)

Destination Wedding Checklist (organization is key)

The Destination Wedding Guide (Great resource for wedding planning in general)
*In Part 2, we will go in depth comparing costs of a destination wedding vs local wedding using the experience of several of our clients.


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