That Clean Look

That Clean Look

That Clean Look

February 9, 2015 Blog

If you follow us on Instagram, and or have liked us on Facebook, you have surely noticed Abby Wedding & Flowers use the term “clean look”. So what does this actually mean? It’s the same principle of design which can be applied to almost anything in life. Be it your car, clothing, home, or even the way one conducts him or herself. Having a clean look is built around showing more with less. Often a clean look is misinterpreted as a design which lacks style or substance in the effort to minimize materials. This should not be the case, and it terms of Wedding Décor, this should never be true. We choose a clean look in all aspects of life to avoid clutter, to concentrate on the important element of design, and simply because it looks good. Times are changing, and so are our designs!

Weddings are usually the grandest time in an individual’s life; we want to make a statement of style and elegance, especially when choosing décor and flowers. So Abby Wedding makes a conscious effort, to deliver bold, head turning, central themes of décor while complimenting them with softer elements. An example is a reception party stage. This is the focus point of the party; it’s where the bride and groom sit to celebrate the important day in their lives. We will strategically fill the stage up with pieces such as crystals, candelabras, lamps, centerpieces and more; The back drop however, will have two main colours, and will contain minimal eye catching pieces. This will allow for a sophisticated “clean” backdrop that does not overshadow all that is displayed on the stage. Another method for stage design, is to further minimize the items we place on it, and decorate the backdrop slightly more. This creates a more balanced clean look throughout. Some of our brides have the vision to do even more with less. Here, we focus more on the elements of drapery, fabric selection, and backdrop swagging*. Usually the bride who tends to go down this route, is one who will be wearing an extra glitzy, and glamourous dress/saari. This design allows for her to be the centerpiece of the stage, all the while being complemented by the classy, clean look of the décor.

Clean looks do not have to be “simple” and “boring”. There can still be a whole lot going on in terms of style, however, it’s Wedding Décor is more organized, does not clash, and brings the whole venue together beautifully. Abby Wedding & Flowers is committed to making your glamourous wedding dreams come true, while integrating today’s concepts of fashion, design, and creative thinking to make your décor CLEAN!

Swagging: The art of using drapery to create loops and stretch of fabric on stage backdrops in a variety of ways (double swag, triple swag, classic, etc.)

Clean Look: Elegant, vibrant designs which please the eye by enhancing a room’s style, without overcrowding it with clutter.

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