Spring 2016 Wedding Décor

Spring 2016 Wedding Décor

Spring 2016 Wedding Décor

February 9, 2015 Blog

2016 is passing by fast, or at least it seems that way for us as we have been so busy! It really has been an awesome year to date, and spring is my favorite personally, as it marks the beginning of the wedding season. So what did Abby Wedding notice last spring? A little bit of everything!

For Punjabi weddings, some brides swayed away from traditional red wedding roses, and choose purple daisies, green and orange roses and greens such as cymbidiums. Wedding décor at engagement parties was highlighted by fancy stage set ups with an assortment of crystals and furniture. Reception décor took on a similar trend; however both events saw brilliant shades of purple, blue and pink to bring the design together. Abby Wedding strategically planned these looks to catch guests’ attention, while maintaining our vision to keep our designs clean.

What we created with our brides last spring were a lot of events incorporating light colours into their themes. These colours were beautifully captured in our Wedding Décor for Caucasian families. Outdoor weddings saw light greens and browns to mingle with the surroundings; and indoor reception parties favoured light purples, peach and turquoise. The usual suspects, white roses and greens were dominant in wedding flowers; however we added unique touches such as colorful wraps and jewels which are typically favoured by the Indian bride.

All in all, it was very rewarding season, one in which we had a lot of fun. We love working with light colours which complement our bold stage pieces, all while maintaining a clean, sleek look. It was especially pleasing to watch brides step out of their comfort zone to choose unique designs, trust Abby Wedding & Flowers, and be totally ecstatic with the results. That is truly why we love what we do.

We had a great spring 2015, and we hope to build on that success in 2016!

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